Move On (2015)

Genre: drama
Move On is a Hungarian short film directed by Sándor Gál. It was an end of term exam film for the director at the Hungarian film school 'Werk Academy'. Move On tells the story of a boy with his grandfather and what is even more important, shows the audience a serious moral issue in the eyes of a young kid.  
After our previous work, R.E.M., director Sándor Gál asked me to score his short, which was really important for him not just because of the exam but also because of the huge amount of work he put into the film.
I was honored because this was the first time I had the chance to score exam films for the students of the Werk Academy, one of the most important film schools in Hungary.
The idea behind 'Move On' really hit me. When I first saw the final cut without any lightings, dubbing, color correction, I thought it was THE film I wanted to score in those times. Somehow I connected the story of 'Move On' with director József Gallai's short 'Perihelion' because they both show us a somehow similar story but in a completely different way.
I was able to work fast because all of my ideas was cherished by Mr. Gál but there was one particular scene for which I made about 5-6 versions until we found the best solution. It was the "Chess Match" track for which the director told me that he wanted something like Hans Zimmer's Rain Man theme. This idea scared me basically because of the fact that Zimmer's Rain Man style is totally different from my own but after testing some ethnic percussion istruments I started the work and after 7 hours, the final version of 'Chess Match' was born.
It was a huge challange but also a great fun to create the score of 'Move On', which was made in 3 days. I used my good friend, the piano with the orchestra but this time I wanted to make the music more intimate with the usage of vibes, glocks. 
01 - Opening (01:28)
02 - Guests (01:45)
03 - Chess Match (02:06)
04 - Chess Figures (01:05)
05 - Credits (01:02)