Midgets (2015)


Genre: drama
Midgets is a Hungarian short film directed by Dániel Pápai based on the works of Krisztina Tóth. It was an end of term exam film for the director at the Hungarian film school 'Werk Academy'. Midgets tells the story of a mother, her child and some homeless people on the way home from the nursery school.  
I was asked to score the music of this little short after my collaboration with the R.E.M. guys, mainly with Sándor Gál. He suggested Mr. Dániel Pápai to hire me and after a short negotiation I landed in the project.
When I first saw the final cut of the film I was thinking a lot about the instrumentation and the mood of the short. Mr. Pápai showed me an animated film which had a completely orchestral score so there was no question about the instrumentation any more. I started to play the piano and after a couple of hours I found the theme of the homeless men. It was a bittersweet melody and for this I was really glad because I knew that I wanted a strong melody that could be used in several versions (sad, happy, etc.)
The music of 'Midgets' was composed and mixed in 4 days.
01 - To School (00:53)
02 - Shame on You (00:27)
03 - Cookies (00:33)
04 - Bedtime Story (00:11)
05 - Falling Asleep (00:22)
06 - I was right (01:38)
07 - End Credits (00:30)