The Untouchable Man (2012)

Genre: drama
The idea behind "The Untouchable Man" popped up in my head around 2010, when I was sitting on a bus in the middle of the night. I was really depressive and lonely and while the beautiful music of James Newton Howard's "Unbreakable" surrounded my ears, the character of András Kövi appeared in front of my eyes. A man who cannot touch anybody...literally.
Basically this was the first feature film, which was completely scored (and directed) by me so everything you can see and hear in the film is the current feelings of those dark times. 
I wanted to create a dark, emotional yet modern soundtrack with a piano, an orchestra, atmospheric pads and electric sound design elements.
The Untouchable Man (not just the score but the film also) intended to smash the heart of the audience and I think we achieved this goal. 
01 - Among People (02:44)
02 - Nightmare (01:06)
03 - András Kövi (00:46)
04 - Ruins (00:34)
05 - The Tunnel (00:36)
06 - In Search of Lost Time (01:31)
07 - Fillérke (02:25)
08 - Don't go (01:42)
09 - Dream Waltz (02:30)
10 - The Untouchable Man (05:17)
11 - Words/End Titles (02:57)
12 - End Titles (alternate) (01:17)