The Incomplete (2013)

Genre: thriller, drama
The Incomplete is thriller from Azerbaijan made in 2013. The film was directed by Tofic Rzayev who had asked me to score the movie right before shooting started.
I composed a 2 minute long demo for him that was never used in the final film but it was the spark of the whole score in case of the mood and the orchestration. For this project I wanted to use a symphonic orchestra but with additional instruments that usually not part of an orchestra. This is how I used ambient guitars, electronic percussions and e-piano besides the normal orchestral and piano combination.
As the 'Hush, little baby" lullaby is a strong element in the film, Mr. Rzayev asked me to somehow incorporate this theme into the score. It was really nice to play with this well-known theme and make it part of my own original compositions.
The Incomplete was the first "longer" score I had to make and I think it was a nice challange because of the variety of the genres I had to transmit via my music.
01 - Beginning / The Hallway (03:11)
02 - Darren Atlas (05:42)
03 - Portrait (06:20)
04 - Photos (08:24)
05 - Elizabeth (07:13)
06 - Final Portrait (03:37)
Bonus tracks:
07 - Beginning / The Hallway (alternate) (03:14)
08 - Music box variations (02:01)
09 - Eye on You (unused) (06:29)
10 - The Incomplete (first demo) (02:10)