Silent Change (2012)

Co-composed with Gregory Bakay
Genre: drama, romantic

Silent Change was the very first feature film I composed the original music for. Director József Gallai wanted a minimalistic, piano driven soundtrack for the first Hungarian mumblecore feature film. As I was just a rookie in filmscoring I had really ugly sounding instruments at these times. Fortunately we have Gregory Bakay on the ship so he could help me with not just the mixing of the music but also composing it. I was responsible for about 60% of the score and Gregory did the remaining 40.
01 - Main Title (00:48)
02 - On the way to the Hill (00:33)
03 - The Phone Call (03:30)
04 - Walking at night (01:23)
05 - When did you shave (01:26)
06 - Do not let it happen (01:13)
07 - End Titles (02:20)
*08 - Main Titles (alternate) (bonus) (04:08)
*09 - Sundown Memories (bonus) (07:48)
*composed by Gregory Bakay