Perihelion (2015)

Genre: drama, biographical
Perihelion is a Hungarian short film directed by József Gallai, based on the poems written by Beke Tamás Tarsoly. The short film tells the story of a poet's cinematic journey.
After the dark and agressive thriller score of R.E.M. I had the pleasure to compose a more minimalistic score for this short. Director József Gallai wanted me to create an atmospheric, piano-based music that can be used not just in the dramatic scenes but also in much lighter, happier flashbacks.
In those days I was listening to Atli Örvarsson's music for the NBC series 'Chicago Fire' and I knew immediately I wanted something similar for Perihelion. I had sent sevaral demos to Mr. Gallai way before the shooting started until we found the best sounds.
01 - I Followed My Father (00:24)
02 - I Am Not Alive (00:35)
03 - The Window (00:24)
04 - Waking Up (00:36)
05 - The One Who Loves Me (00:44)
06 - Bathroom Memories (01:01)
07 - That Ritual Movement (04:41)
08 - Photo (00:40)
09 - The Hill (03:27)
10 - End Credits (01:12)




Reviews of the music:

  • ... a distinct but unobtrusive musical score.  
    - James McDonald [Irish Film Critic] -
  • “Perihelion” is one of the most beautiful things I have heard in a very long time and it both charmed and scarred me.  
    - Mihnea Manduteanu [Soundtrack Dreams] - Full review HERE 
  • It’s short and it’s fantastic.  
    - Jørn Tillnes [Soundtrack Geek] - Full review HERE
  • Gergő Elekes’ Perihelion is a strong score...
    - Alan Rogers [Reel Music] - Full review HERE