Exitus (2013)

co-composed with Martijn De Man
Genre: drama, experimental
Exitus was József Gallai's first direction after our feature film 'The Untouchable Man'. He wrote a script about two masked entities that try to search the way-out from our world. According to Mr. Gallai, during the writing process he was constantly listening to one of my tracks from my previous solo albums (Alternate World from the Burning Melodies album).
Exitus was a really interesting project. It was never a question that I would be responsible for the score but the director wanted to use a track he found in a video. Thus he got in touch with the composer, Martijn De Man, and after a couple of e-mails he licensed the music, which was featured in the teaser trailer of Exitus and can be heard twice in the film (Main title and the ending).
My score just as the film is an experimental one. I was allowed to play with the sounds and try crazy things such as dubstep elements, sound effects, etc. The result is a really versatile soundtack with a mixture of several genres.
01 - Exitus (00:48) - composed by Martijn De Man
02 - Days (01:47)
03 - Signal (00:58)
04 - Nightmare (00:34)
05 - Journey (01:15)
06 - Trailer music (bonus) (00:18) - composed by Martijn De Man