Coffee & Milk (Part 1 - 2013, Part 2 - 2014)

Part 1 co-composed with Amadeo Lopez
Part 2 is completely mine
Genre: thriller
Coffee # Milk was an interesting project for me. After our previous work on 'The Incomplete' director Tofic Rzayev asked composer Amadeo Lopez to help him on the score because I was busy composing the score of our own film 'Interview'. Finally somehow I got back to Tofic. He contacted me that Amadeo would be able to score the end of the film and the remaining part of the film lacked the original music.
After a fast Skype discussion I started working on the project and it was hell of a fun! Coffee & Milk has become the first horror score I have ever written (even if the film itself is rather thriller than horror). I can remember that I wanted to create my own 'Omen' score so I used an orchestra with agressive and scary choirs with an addition of electronic sound elements.
This was the first part of the Coffee & Milk saga.
For the second part I was responsible for the music since the very beginning of the project. I grabbed those tools I used during the first part and created a short yet kind of scary and atmospheric horror score.
Part 3 is in the mind of Tofic because he wants to make this saga into a trilogy and if that happens, I am sure I will be there to finish what we have started in 2013.


Part 1

Part 2