Bodom (2014)

Co-composed with Ákos Tomena

Genre: horror

In the year of 2014 I had the privilege to compose the original score for the first found-footage horror film of Hungary.

I wanted to create a thematic, scary but still listenable score and to achieve this goal I used several types of musical instruments such as the piano, synthesizers, atmospheric pads, electronic sound design elements, strings, etc.

One of the most interesting instrument was the so called kangling, which is a trumpet made of femur. It has a really scary vibe so when I first heard it I wanted to use it as one of the core sound of horror.






(This is the kangling)

Since I was one of the directors of Bodom, I had to do several things during the filmmaking process so I asked my friend, Ákos Tomena to help us out with two tracks. Ákos' music can be heard right at the beginning of the film and his music is the first one that is played during the end credits.

The original soundtrack of Bodom can be purchased at my bandcamp page.


01 - 1960 (01:56) - Ákos Tomena
02 - The Investigation (01:48)
03 - Brothers (02:27)
04 - Detective Honkkanen (00:50)
05 - The Orphanage (01:12)
06 - The Last Message (00:48)
07 - Switch-Off (00:36)
08 - Forgive (01:06)
09 - Revelation (04:12)
10 - Security Cam (00:20)
11 Coming Home (01:36)
12 - 2010 (02:05) - Ákos Tomena