Blue Dream (2014)

Genre: drama


I personally came across with the problem of child cancer a year ago, when I first met the protagonist of the film, Kinga Galambos. She told me her life story and I knew immediately that I had to make a film about it. At first I wanted to make a feature film but unfortunately after our latest feature 'Bodom', our team had to face up to budgetarial problem as well as we were very exhausted. I started to convince sponsors to invest into our idea but all I found was only closed doors.

I could not let this story vanish so I decided to make a short film instead. After having several discussions with Kinga, I sat down with my friend and co-filmmaker József Gallai to think about the screenplay. He immediately understood what I really wanted to offer the audience and wrote a great script.
Filming and post-production was finished in August.

The scoring of Blue Dream was a huge challange for me. At first I did not want to compose the music for my own film not just because I had to do dozens of other things during the production but also because I did not think I was able to express the idea of the short with my scoring abilities. I contacted my friend Ákos Tomena again and after several e-mails it turned out that Ákos was not available at those times because of his musical concerts (he is the member of several bands and orchestras).
There was nothing to do, I had to compose the music. The beginning was made quite fast, it looks like that I am really into depressive, sad music so the dark days of Kinga's life got it background music...however the turning point and the second half of the short did not want to born easily. I asked my friend, József Gallai to come over my place and help me with ideas. He was humming several ideas to me while I was playing them on the piano until we found the best solution. We tried lots of things such as taiko drums, huge orchestra, choral music but finally we stayed with the original piano-strings combination.
The result is one of my most personal short film and score and I really hope we were able to create something motivational and uplifting for those families who had to face with the problem of child cancer day by day.


01 - Blue Dream (03:48)

You can purchase the soundtrack for $1 at my bandcamp page.