Akibet / Aftermath (2014)

Genre: drama
Akibet is a Turkish short drama directed by Tofic Rzayev. The short tells the story of a brother and a sister who have to deal with the loss of their parents.
Mr. Rzayev asked me to write an emotional soundtrack that can destroy the heart of the audience and transmit those feelings that surrounds the soul of the siblings.
I got back to my trademark, the piano-strings combination and composed a 4 minutes long track for the short.
It is an interesting background information that I was composing the music for the Hungarian thriller, R.E.M. when Mr. Rzayev asked me for this work. Between two dark, electronic ambient tracks for R.E.M. I composed the score of Akibet for about 30 minutes.
01 - The Aftermath (04:04)



Reviews of the music:

  • Music by Gergo Elekes touches the right emotion at the right moments. In the second scene, music is the only thing we hear and speaks a lot. 
    - Saravanakumar Sridhar [Click Flick Review] -
  • Gergo Elekes' score matches the imagery: soft, muted, sparse, beautiful, and sad.
    - Nicholas La Salla [Forest City Short Film Review] -
  • Gergo Elekes' original score is a beautifully melancholic piece of work that companions the film quite nicely.
    - Richard Propes [The Independent Critic] -
  • Great music from Gergö Elekes.
    Andrew Wickliffe [The Stop Button] -
  • Beautifully moody score.
    - Chris Olson [UK Film Review] -