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Highlights of 2015

2016.02.26 08:34
2015 was one of the most succesful years of my film music journey. In this article I am going to summarize those aspects of the year that were the most memorable and important for me. Let's do it. I scored 7 films in 2015 including R.E.M. (directed by Szilárd Molnár), Midgets (directed by Dániel...

The Girl in the Woods Soundtrack

2015.10.19 09:18
The official soundtrack of 'The Girl in the Woods' has been released and can be purchased at the most important music...

The Girl in the Woods

2015.07.21 09:11
My upcoming scoring project is 'The Girl in the Woods', which will be a 25 minutes short film directed by Tofic Rzayev. The scoring session is currently happening and you can expect a result around the end of July. Stay tuned!

The scoring of 'Törpék (Midgets)' and "Lépj tovább (Move on)' has finished

2015.06.26 11:12
I finished the scoring of two upcoming Hungarian end-term films 'Törpék' and 'Lépj tovább'. Both films were directed by students of the Hungarian Werk Academy and will have their premier on 26 June, 2015 at the Toldi Movie Theatre in Budapest.  The soundtracks section of the website is updated...

Upcoming projects

2015.05.11 08:54
It looks like that 2015 will be a really busy year for me. Here is the list of my upcoming scoring projects (so far): - A következő lépés (aka The Next Step) directed by Sándor Gál (short drama) - Törpék (aka Midgets) directed by Dániel Pápai (short drama) - The Girl in the Woods directed by Tofic...

Perihelion is here

2015.05.11 08:53
My latest scoring project, the Hungarian short film 'Perihelion' is now online with English subtitles.  


2015.02.25 12:58
My upcoming film project is the short film entitled 'Perihelion' based on the poems written by Beke Tamás Tarsoly and directed by József Gallai. This is the trailer of the film.


2015.01.19 15:45
Currently I am scoring the original soundtrack of the upcoming Hungarian independent thriller, R.E.M. directed by Szilard Molnar. This is the trailer of the film, which is scheduled to be released this spring.

The new website is online

2015.01.10 16:04
Welcome to the updated website of composer Gergő Elekes!
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